Wet Massage Beds


The wet massage table pampers the guest and the therapist with real comfort: developed specially by experts, guests can enjoy a variety of treatments. As a result of its construction and manufacture, it is perfect for treatments such as soap brush massage, Ayurveda, hot stone treatments, body wraps, wrapping, Hammam (wet soap massage) or Vichy showers. The sky’s the limit.

Maximum Treatment Comfort

The luxurious wet massage table Ergolima offers surpassing comfort for treatments in lying position. Lying on the heated surface the guest can relax in ventral position with his arms resting on the ergonomically shaped plateau next to the body

Comfort For The Guest

Spacious lying surface, also suitable for larger guests with comfortable surface heated by thermostat. It includes cushions for optimum support of head,chest, back, knees and feet. The table lowers to the height of a chair for getting on and off safely.

Comfort For the Therapist

Adjustable height for ergonomic posture – good for the back. The thermostat has adjustable valve, rinsing hose and tap all within reach. You have a control panel on edge of tub for ease of use and the channels on the side, drains and a slanted lying surface facilitate the draining of liquids.

Amazing Design

The wet massage table offers many design options: beside the acrylic textured reclining surface available in 4 colours, we offer also different sorts of natural stone. The sides of the plastic cladding can be tiled with ceramic, for example, to match the ambience of the room perfectly.

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