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wellness beds in south africa


Uniquely flexible & practical

With the new improved wellness beds, Gharieni has ushered in the next generation.  The wellness beds provides unique treatment positions and therefore exceptional treatments, the wellness beds offers a perfect fusion of cosmetics and wellness gels.The optimal variable MLX Limber can be adjusted to a seat, half and Trendelenburg position. With the “Limberflex”, the absolute star among the three Limber variants, a modified roof position is also possible. This diversity opens up a new dimension for your treatments!

Wellnessliege Gharieni [MLX]

Our most exclusive designer socks for the wellness area. Despite the low entry height of 57cm, our designers have succeeded in integrating a storage space under the couch. For example, the removable armrests as well as covers and other lying accessories can be stowed close to the handle. The appearance as well as the functions of the MLX can be assembled according to customer requirements.


Wellness cabin [Evo Lounger]

Retention Evo Lounger with pull-out tray and LED reading lamp on both sides. This is the “Evo Lounger Wellness Cabin”.


Gharieni  MLX Quartz Sand Bed (Psammo Concept)

Sand (Greek : Psammo) heated by the sun has been a traditional method for thousands of years in respect of holistic well-being.  The gentle and deeply affecting warmth not only provides physical and mental relaxation but also stimulates the metabolism and has a purifying effect.

The MLX Quartz has a wide range of applications – can be used for massages, cosmetic treatments and as a spa table suitable for rest and relaxation.  Furthermore, packs and many other applications can easily be carried out.

Resting Ghareni  Wellness bed [RL Aqua]

The RL Aqua, available in various lengths and widths, is a heated water bed. A soft foam liner ensures a high level of comfort. The artificial leather surface is very easy to clean. Optionally, this rest is also available with gentle water vibrations.

Retention Evo Lounger with pull-out tray and LED reading lamp on both sides. This is the “Evo Lounger Wellness Cabin”.


Thermo- & Relaxation Couch

Depending on the equipment, the Twaèli can be a chic and comfortable thermo couch or – if fully equipped with soundwave massage – it has a warming, tranquilizing effect on the body, spirit and soul. Any music can be plaid by means of an in-house audio set. The sound is crystal-clear, the soundwaves are transmitted to the couch by a special technique. For profound recreation and a precious attitude to life! The design couch Twaèli meets the most various requirements. On demand, the Twaèli can also be delivered without any technique just as a comfortable design couch.


A tender, tingly feeling is flowing through the body in the rhythm of the music. You will hear gentle sounds and feel harmonious vibrations in every fibre of your body and with all your senses. Daily routine will disappear and give way to relaxation and well-being. The heated ergonomic laying surface with the coaxing soft pillows will spoil you at the highest level of comfort.


The couch with the fascinating relaxation factor spoils whenever you feel the need for it: after the sauna, after a stressful day or simply in between. Developed for modern professional sauna and wellness resorts, the Twaèli equally enriches the luxurious private sphere.


The couch is deliverable in black or white, the pillows in red or light grey. Other pillow colours are possible on demand. The shell of the couch and the bottom side of the couch are deliverable in various colour combinations: white/white, white/black, black/ black, black /white.


  • Thermo couch: basic equipment with heating unit.
  • Thermo and relaxation couch: with additional soundwave massage, deliverable as option.
  • Design couch: price reduction for delivery without heating.


The vismara has a variety of wellness water beds, salt beds etc. which is a quality that applies to everyday life. Nothing in their products are superfluous, every detail is designed to obtain an overall value that excites, elegance and unique balance.

They represent an unusual journey, the inside and outside of you. Getting back with their senses, radicarti in your being and in your body.  Listen to your soul and follow the hidden motions.

Andromeda Salt Mover

Andromeda Salt Mover is a multifunctional bed that gives the customer the chance to lie on Himalayan salt crystals, unique in their kind, for an excellent relaxing feeling. The temperature can vary between 30° and 42° C. Lie down and enjoy the relax obtained from a great combination of warmth and colour. Andromeda gives you energy, vitality and harmony.

Chromo relax function is integrated in the Andromeda Salt Mover. Mover is the electric lifting system that reaches a maximum height of 79 cm and a minimum height of 57 cm in order to grant a perfect comfort to the worker.

The bed can be realized in matt white lacquered or in wengé finish.

Andromeda Hydro and Salt bed

Andromeda Hydro and Salt beds are also available in fixed version. These models have simple and modern lines giving a dimension of deep wellness.

Andromeda beds stimulate the mind and regenerate the body: lie down and enjoy the relax you get from a combination of warmth and colour.

Andromeda hydro and salt beds incorporate the Chromorelax function.

Relax Mover

Andromeda Relax Mover is an ergonomic multifunctional bed perfect for visage and body treatments and for massages.

The relax mattress, thanks to three junctions, can be electronically adjusted in backrest and seat’s angle.

Mover is the electric lifting system that reaches a maximum height of 82 cm and a minimum height of 60 cm in order to grant a perfect comfort both to the customer and to the worker.

The bed can be realized in matt White lacquered or in wengé finish.

Thermal Bed New Relax

This bed is realized in selected multilayer wood, water resistant, with finish matt White lacquered or wengé.  Removable stainless steel structure, disposable Cartene covering. Adjustable backrest and footrest by wooden rack.  Shaped mattress upholstered by white skai.  A chromo-relax lamp is included in New Relax bed. Thanks to this lamp you can have colour baths.

This bed can be supplied with additional options such as nebulized rain, mattress for wet treatments and Cartene canopies.  New Relax bed is available in 2 versions: basic e plus:

BASIC VERSION: there is no shower and no possibility to have the option “vaporized misty rain”. A 7 liters tank is included and it is not necessary to connect it to the water network.

PLUS VERSION: it is necessary to connect it to the water supply network.There is a shower (02) and it is possible to obtain “vaporized misty rain”.  Very practical solution created to have a spa corner in a limited space thanks to the emission of immediate vapour.  You can set up temperature and duration by means of a simple and intuitive remote control.  Perfect for steam bath, hay bath, mud therapy, aromatherapy, massotherapy.


  • mattress for wet treatments
  • vaporized misty rain: during this treatment small water drops are released for a restorative effect
  • disposable Cartene covering




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