Wellness Beds

Vismara Wellness Beds

The Vismara has a variety of wellness water beds, salt beds etc. which is a quality that applies to everyday life. Nothing in their products are superfluous, every detail is designed to obtain an overall value that excites, elegance and unique balance.

They represent an unusual journey, the inside and outside of you. Getting back with their senses, radicarti in your being and in your body.  Listen to your soul and follow the hidden motions.

Andromeda Salt Mover

Multifunctional bed that gives you the chance to lie on Himalayan salt crystals, unique in their kind, for an excellent relaxing feeling. Temperatures can vary between 30°- 42° C. Lie down, enjoy the relax obtained from a great combination of warmth and colour. It gives you energy, vitality and harmony. Chromo relax function is integrated in and Mover is the electric lifting system that reaches a maximum height of 79cm and a minimum 57cm to grant a perfect comfort to the worker.

Andromeda Hydro and Salt bed

Andromeda Hydro and Salt beds are also available in fixed version. These models have simple and modern lines giving a dimension of deep wellness. Andromeda beds stimulate the mind and regenerate the body: lie down and enjoy the relax you get from a combination of warmth and colour. Andromeda hydro and salt beds incorporate the Chromorelax function.

Relax Mover

Andromeda Relax Mover is an ergonomic multifunctional bed perfect for visage and body treatments and for massages. The relax mattress, thanks to three junctions, can be electronically adjusted in backrest and seat’s angle. Mover is the electric lifting system that reaches a maximum height of 82 cm and a minimum height of 60 cm in order to grant a perfect comfort both to the customer and to the worker. The bed can be realized in matt White lacquered or in wengé finish.

Thermal Bed New Relax

This bed is realized in selected multilayer wood, water resistant, with finish matt White lacquered or wengé.  Removable stainless steel structure, disposable Cartene covering. Adjustable backrest and footrest by wooden rack.  Shaped mattress upholstered by white skai.  A chromo-relax lamp is included in New Relax bed. Thanks to this lamp you can have colour baths. This bed can be supplied with additional options such as nebulized rain, mattress for wet treatments and Cartene canopies.  New Relax bed is available in 2 versions: basic e plus.

There is no shower and no possibility to have the option “vaporized misty rain”. A 7 liters tank is included and it is not necessary to connect it to the water network. It is necessary to connect it to the water supply network.There is a shower (02) and it is possible to obtain “vaporized misty rain”.  Very practical solution created to have a spa corner in a limited space thanks to the emission of immediate vapour.  You can set up temperature and duration by means of a simple and intuitive remote control.  Perfect for steam bath, hay bath, mud therapy, aromatherapy, massotherapy.

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