Wellness Beds

Trautwein  Wellness Beds

Depending on the equipment, the Twaèli can be a chic and comfortable thermo couch or – if fully equipped with sound-wave massage – it has a warming, tranquilizing effect on the body, spirit and soul. Any music can be plaid by means of an in-house audio set.

The sound is crystal-clear, the sound-waves are transmitted to the couch by a special technique. For profound recreation and a precious attitude to life! The design couch Twaèli meets the most various requirements. On demand, the Twaèli can also be delivered without any technique just as a comfortable design couch.

Viability And Well Feeling

A tender, tingly feeling is flowing through the body in the rhythm of the music. You will hear gentle sounds and feel harmonious vibrations in every fibre of your body and with all your senses. Daily routine will disappear and give way to relaxation and well-being. The heated ergonomic laying surface with the coaxing soft pillows will spoil you at the highest level of comfort.

Free Recovery And Well-Feeling

The couch with the fascinating relaxation factor spoils whenever you feel the need for it: after the sauna, after a stressful day or simply in between. Developed for modern professional sauna and wellness resorts, the Twaèli equally enriches the luxurious private sphere with enhanced, supernatural-like feeling that leave you in an amazing relaxed stress-free zone.


The couch is deliverable in black or white, the pillows in red or light grey. Other pillow colours are possible on demand. The shell of the couch and the bottom side of the couch are deliverable in various colour combinations: white/white, white/black, black/ black, black /white and with these, a more custom design that meets your taste and requirements.

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