Wellness Beds

Gharien  Wellness Beds

With the new improved wellness beds, Gharieni has ushered in the next generation.  The wellness beds provides unique treatment positions and therefore exceptional treatments, the wellness beds offers a perfect fusion of cosmetics and wellness gels.

The appearance and functions of the MLX can be assembled according to your taste and requirements. We have a full range of wellness beds readily available for you.

Gharieni MLX

Our most exclusive designer socks for the wellness area. Despite the low entry height of 57cm, our designers have succeeded in integrating a storage space under the couch. For example, the removable armrests, covers and other lying accessories can be stowed close to the handle. 

Uniquely Flexible & Practical

The optimal variable MLX Limber can be adjusted to a seat, half and Trendelenburg position. With the “Limberflex”, the absolute star among the three Limber variants, a modified roof position is also possible. This diversity opens up a new dimension for your treatments!

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