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Kneipp Therapy

(a form of hydrotherapy – water therapy)

The principle of a Kneipp Therapy is based on hot and cold showers, rinses, baths, and compresses. The interplay of hot and cold water on the skin, widens the arteries, stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system and strengthens the immune system.

Recommended for: high and low blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system problems and weak immune system.

Our supplier, WDT in Germany supplies Kneipp foot basins made of ceramics that have been developed together with the company Sommerhuber especially for the foot bath splashing and sprinkling system.  There is also the option of the foot basins made of Corian® which can either stand-alone or be installed in a way that the outside is tiled.  . Nonporous and stain-resistant, Corian® is easy to clean, making it an ideal surface for Wellness & SPA.

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