infrared cabins in south africa

infrared cabin installation cape townINFRARED CABIN

The infra red treatment in a cabin benefit all ages but especially the elderly.

Through the intense heating of the skin usually between 50 to 65 degrees celcius and the resultant stronger blood circulation this  stimulates the connective tissue and the muscles and improves health issues in general, reduces tension and cramping.

Intense sweating will stimulate ones metabolism and leads to increased well being and provides better health.

We specialize in high end infrared cabins both made in south Africa and imported from the most discerning manufacturers in Germany and Austria.


EOS INFRASKY 3000Main application field : relaxation areas and retreat zones in spa & leisure facilities of any kind
(sport clubs, swimming pools, gyms, saunas, steam rooms, etc.)

Benefits :

  • freedom of movement thanks to ceiling mounting position (does not block floor space, does not restrict movement, etc.)
  • instant heat – no heat-up times, no time loss
  • effective at any ambient temperature thanks to direct IR transmission which does not use air to transfer heat from the unit to user
  • very mild, cosy warmth – no sweating, no excessive heat, makes the user feel comfortably warm which is perfect for relaxation and chilling out
  • no particular restrictions – can be used by all ages, no excessive heat – ideal for elder or sensitive persons (people with ailments and such)
  • no special requirements for use – can be used in any clothing, no need to undress or make particular preparations
  • stylish design grades up the status of the entire facility, good match for upmarket facilities wishing to focus on quality and service and to attract new customers

Easy to install, easy to use by anyone, great for relaxation!!
Dimensions : L/W/H 210 x 65 x 28.5