Sensation Shower

Our WDT equipment offers your clients an exciting shower adventure activating and stimulating the heart and circulation. If you’ve ever wondered what a tropical rain shower with rainforest aromas or an arctic mist with hazy winter sunshine feels on your body, then try a sensations shower.

Programme #1

When you start the programme, a warm, tropical shower, accompanied by a rainforest scent and warm equatorial lighting will awaken your senses.


Programme #2

Invigorate your senses with a refreshing cold shower or mist, depending on your choice of setting, and accompanied by cool lighting.

Programme #3

Your shower is accompanied by a range of sound effects (such as a thunderstorm) and warm lighting.
…Just press the button for an amazing sensation…

Cape Town

Unit 1, Jigman Park, Alternator Avenue, Montague Gardens
Natalie Kruger
T: 021 448 4125
C: 062 346 9923
E: natalie@wfa.co.za

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22 Elbon Road, Blairgowrie, Randburg
Horst Glaser
T: 010 745 8692
C: 0832516207
E: horst@wfa.co.za

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22 Elbon Road, Blairgowrie, Randburg
Louise Melunsky
T: 010 745 8692
C: 082 567 6261
E: louise@wfa.co.za

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41 Chalcedoon Str, Erospark, Windhoek
Susan Paul
T: +264 81 657 9405
C: +264 81 657 9405
E: susan@wfa.co.za

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