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Wellness Fitness Africa (WFA) was established in 2005, realising the need for high end quality wellness and fitness products in South Africa and neighbouring countries. WFA began as one of the leading suppliers of Saunas and Spa products in Africa, but soon included fitness equipment as part of the complete wellness package. WFA today is a major player in the wellness market, supplying not only to discerning private individuals, but also luxury hotels, guest lodges and day spas.

WFA supplies the best and most innovative equipment from discerning German and Italian manufacturers such as EOS, GHARIENI, TRAUTWEIN AS WELL AS VISMARA, MALETTI, UKI AND MANY MORE. The recently acquired product ranges from the Italian Maletti group for hair salons has added a stunning new dimension to WFA. We now deal with the best products from saunas, steam room generators, infra red cabins and products, hydrotherapy, special spa and wellness beds and furniture as well as hair salon products.

sauna equipment supplier manufacturer and installer in south africaSAUNAS

Our saunas are constructed of the highest quality materials and equipment imported from Germany.  We offer standard sized saunas, custom built freestanding units and outdoor saunas to our client’s style and taste. Standard sized designs are two, four or six seaters. Outdoor saunas are free standing units and have the additional weather proof cladding on the outside with a sturdy roof covering. Our sauna heaters are made by the leading German …


steam room manufacturer supplier and installer in south africaSTEAM ROOMS

A steam room is an enclosed space with large amounts of high-temperature steam, creating a high-humidity environment. People sit in this room in a similar way to a sauna (conversely a hot, but dry atmosphere), for relaxation and purported benefits to health and well-being. They can be commonly found in gyms, sanitariums and health resorts. Smaller, standalone steam room enclosures can also be found in residential buildings …




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