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Wet massage table Ergolima

The wet massage table pampers the guest and the therapist with real comfort: developed specially by experts, guests can enjoy a variety of treatments. As a result of its construction and manufacture, it is perfect for treatments such as soap brush massage, Ayurveda, hot stone treatments, body wraps, wrapping, Hammam (wet soap massage) or Vichy showers. The sky’s the limit.


The luxurious wet massage table Ergolima offers surpassing comfort for treatments in lying position. Lying on the heated surface the guest can relax in ventral position with his arms resting on the ergonomically shaped plateau next to the body. The head support is continuously adjustable and can be adapted to meet perfectly the guest’s requirements. In such comfortable position the guest can really enjoy treatments that need a longer time such as soap brush massages, peelings, hammam, hot stone or ayurvedic treatments – and will always like to come again. Material of the surface : high quality structured acrylic glass.


  • Spacious lying surface, also suitable for larger guests.
  • Comfortable surface heated by thermostat.
  • Includes cushions for optimum support of head,chest, back, knees and feet.
  • Table lowers to the height of a chair for getting on and off safely.


  • Continuously adjustable in height for ergonomic posture – good for the back.
  • Thermostat, adjustable valve, rinsing hose and tap allwithin easy reach.
  • Control panel on edge of tub for ease of use.
  • Channels on the side, drains and a slanted lying surface facilitate the draining of liquids.


The wet massage table offers many design options: beside the acrylic textured reclining surface available in 4 colours, we offer also different sorts of natural stone. The sides of the plastic cladding can be tiled with ceramic, for example, to match the ambience of the room perfectly.



The Orient-Alima massage table for wet treatments assures a unique comfort for the client and for the therapist.

It was specially conceived so that the clients may perform and enjoy the various treatments. Thanks to its construction, it has the perfect conditions for brush and soap massages, Hammam (wet soap massage), Ayurvedic treatments, hot stones, wrappings or Vichy shower.

  • Height adjustable couch for treatments in wet areas, like Hammam-Soapmassage, Ayuveda, Hot-Stone, body packs, packings or Vichy-Shower-Massage.
  • The reclining surface is made of high quality easy to clean acrylic glass with structured finish, with head mould and 2 drain holes at the head and foot side
  • Heating of the reclining surface by thermostatic temperature control.
  • Legth:- 2130mm
  • Width: 840mm
  • Min height: 560mm
  • Max height: 860mm
  • Water supply: cold and warm water ½”
  • Drain: NW70
  • Electrical connection: 230V, 50Hz, 400W



Light as a feather

The body experiences the sensation of floating and becomes very light. Weightlessness spreads slowly throughout the body. Surrounded by relaxing warmth, a primordial feeling of secureness frees the body and mind. Soft sounds reach the ears, and harmonious vibrations are perceived with all the senses. Physical afflictions and everyday worries seem to melt away. Welcome to the world of the Thermo-Spa and Lady-Spa, the wellness experiences from Trautwein.


Thermo-Spa and Lady-Spa give you an indescribable feeling of weightlessness. And depending on the options you choose, it also pampers you with sound waves and dry water massage. Float away and dream above the luxurious warm waters.


Before we are born, we experience something very special in the warmth of the womb: the state of being absolutely connected, a sense of complete safety. In Thermo-Spa and Lady-Spa, you will remember this feeling – either consciously or subconsciously. A moving experience.


Thermo-Spa and Lady-Spa are suitable for all sorts of therapeutic and cosmetic body packs – from algae, hay and pomace to mud and fango. The guest lies down on the cushioned bed and is wrapped in the soft layer of plastic. The warmth promotes circulation and opens the pores, allowing the skin to absorb the active ingredients for optimum results.


The Concerto well-being module completes the wellness experience: music pampers the ears while sound waves massage the body. All the water contained in the bed is vibrated gently so that the sound waves can be heard and felt. Additional speakers are not necessary as the tub itself is a loudspeaker. A heavenly feeling.

The breathing rate vibration transports guests into a complete state of relaxation. Their breathing intuitively adapts to the preset rhythm of the well-being module. In harmony with the body, the soothing impulses ensure a deeply relaxing experience.


Like an experienced therapist, the Thermo-Spa and Lady-Spa massage from the thighs to the neck. Temperature-regulated water jets are expelled against the underside of the bed surface, releasing muscle tension. In this way, the guest experiences the healing power of water without getting wet.


Floating in light: In this equipment module, integrated high-performance diodes create alternating rainbow colours on the translucent special foil. In this way, the client is floating in a sea of energizing colour light. The light function can be adjusted to show a chosen colour or to create shining, alternating rainbow colours. The flicker-free and pure spectral light of the underwater illumination brings about regeneration and revitalization.


PRICES RANGES FROM R170 000 – R350 000