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Steam Room installation south africaThroughout history people have used steam to improve their health and wellbeing.

Today there are Turkish baths, steam rooms or steam showers. Steam or humidity is an important component in Tepidariums and Caldariums – relaxation rooms with slight humidity which are normally for people who are not able to take the extreme heat of a sauna or steam room.

Steam room pro South AfricaSteam baths are not only about relaxing and relieving stress but have therapeutic benefits.

The high moisture content the steamroom is particularly beneficial for relieving sinus congestion and respiratory problems.  The heat in the steamroom relaxes stiff muscles and eases swelling or tension in joints. It also improves blood circulation..Wet heat opens the pores of the skin to aid body detoxification.

Another important benefit of regular steam bathing is that it boosts the immune system.


EOS SteamRock steam generatorSTEAM GENERATORS

EOS SteamRock – stable, reliable steam production with any water quality.

The German made EOS SteamRock steam generator is the epicenter of innovation.  The idea behind it is simple : to deliver superior performance paired with outstanding reliability and simplicity to use.  To reach this EOS has created a completely new construction with the brilliantly innovative heating principle – indirect water heating by externally place heating elements.  This solves many typical problems arising from bad water quality such as scale and cracking corrosion.  The integrated cleaning  system will automatically descale and drain the water tank, considerably reducing maintenance costs.

SteamRock has been designed to last – with its reinforced stainless steel tank, durable brass fittings and heavy duty metal chassis it will not fail, even in very intensive commercial use.