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hydrotherapy baths south africa


Hydrotherapy bath installations south africaTop quality wellness is not only about health benefits, it is also about technological features of the highest quality. Experience Trautwein’s whirlpool baths which make use of a unique function principle to mix fine bubbles into the water. This champagne effect results in a top-quality underwater massage as well as having the therapeutic effect that is one of a kind! Most importantly the automatic disinfecting programmes take care of hygiene.

The underwater and combination systems Wörishofen and Boppard are available equipped with various modules: underwater massage (UW), electro-galvanic control system for a galvanic bath called a ‘Stanger’ bath (GI) and a dry CO2 gas bath unit. The systems are compliant with the German Medical Products Law (MPG) and guarantee simple and convenient operation. Quality fittings, a perfected electronic system and high-grade acrylic tub material, robust plastic coating and solid fabrication ensure outstanding durability.


AW7260 TRAUTWEIN HYDROXEUR CALIFORNIA TWINHydrotherapy Appliance for 2 persons

For the application of underwater massages via 120 special jets, water and air in one canal, 6 jet canals, leading to a vibrating massage and micro-fine admixture of the bath additives.

Equipped with an electronic sound wave massage device and chromotherapy, consisting of:

  • 1 automatic filling system consisting of an anti-scald thermostat.
  • Nominal flow rate about 48 l/min
  • 1 extensible hand shower
  • During the filling the water falls silently from the well-designed source of the tub rim into the tub.
  • 2 handrails
  • 2 head cushions
  • 1 integrated tub shortener
  • Instructions for use incl. CD with Trautwein well-being music
  • Material tub body : acrylic glass
  • Material cladding : polystyrene
  • Colour tub body : white
  • Colour cladding : colour chart
  • connection : 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Safety measure for drink water protection according to DVGW part 4.1



Wellness tub for 2 persons

Exclusive partner tub for the Wellness area with two separate single tubs. Equipped with soundwave massage and 8 colour light diode spots for the chromotherapy, including a mounting rack to be able to design the outer face of the tub individually (The Yin Yang couple bath is delivered with a special frame for tiling, which can be adapted on site and be cladded with ceramics or wood.  This way it can be cladded to suit the design of the Wellness area).

Colour tub : white

  • Control
  • Microprocessor-controlled with following functions :
  • On-Off
  • Light On – rotating – Stop – Off
  • Automatic filling
  • Soundwave massage with control : + loud, – quiet
  • Technical Data :
  • Dimensions tub : 2190 x 1350mm
  • Tiling frame outer dimension : 2350 x 1500mm
  • Electrical connection : 230V AC,50Hz
  • CE-sign
  • Consisting of :
  • Tub body in Yin-Yang design with two separate single tubs, all functional parts are assembled on two separate aggregates and integrated under the fittings
  • Water consumption per tub approx.. 200 l.
  • Body form per user in sitting-lying position. The guests are lying next to each other and can look at each other, but each of them is in her/his own tub.
  • Tub seamless deep-drawn, of hot water resistant acrlic with integrated tub shorteners.
  • Tub equipment :
  • 2 automatic filling devices with level monitors, thermostats and magnet valves.
  • Effective output approx.. 48 l/mi. incl. scalding protection.
  • When the tub is filled up, the water flows in downwelling and almost noiselessly.
  • 2 change-over valves for function filling and handshower
  • 2 extensible handshowers for cleaning the tub
  • 2 manual drain valves via Excenter drain fittings
  • 2 electronic for soundwave massage and light (connection to the audio set on site)
  • 8 colour light beamers with flicker-free LED light in the colours white, blue, green and red as well as corresponding colour mix.
  • 1 compl. Comduiting in plastic incl. high pressure connection tubes
  • 2 head cushions
  • 2 operating panels for all functions, operable from both sides of the tub.
PRICES RANGES FROM R170 000 – R330 000